Free Download Aquaman Mod for GTA San Andreas

Aquaman Mod:
Free Download Aquaman Mod without any problem if you can not Download and install this Mod so, Please watch the full video on my Youtube Channel. then you well Download And install this thank you.

How To Use:

  • Type AQMAN to activate the mod
  • Your player will receive health and armor regeneration
  • Your player will get infinite stamina, jumping get higher, and swim much faster
  • Equip Trident and press attack (left click) button while running to attack with long range
  • To give more damage, equip trident and finish 3rd move of attack
  • Equip trident and press R to cause shockwave nearby player, you can also make shockwave while jumping 
  • Press SPACE (sprint key) to move the player underwater
  • While your player on the water surface, go nearby boats to flip them around
  • You can also damage the boat by swimming underwater around the boat
  • Type AQMAN again to deactivate the mod
  • If your player dies or busted, the mod will be deactivated automatically

 Direct Download:-  Link
 Mediafire Download:-  Link
 Google Drive Download:-  Link

Auto installer Download Link

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