Free Download Super-Man Mod For GTA 4 PC

Super-Man Mod:

Press Insert Butten to Show mod menu to be able to switch player model to the Superman model or activate and deactivate powers
Heat vision
Superwind blow (extinguish the fire and push everything in front of the player)
Grab lamp poles or lift cars
Left mouse button (LMB) - Super melee, throw cars
Right mouse button - Aim
Space - Toggle flight mode (must hold when not dressed as Superman)
Direct ped/vehicle attack - Set a targeted ped/vehicle that is not too much far away and press LMB
Ground attack - Fly against the ground with more than 30 of speed

You can use all powers when flying too
The mod starts by default with powers ON, this means that you will have superman powers when not looking like Superman, to disable the powers go to the mod menu and toggle the powers option

Download OpenIV Tool 

 Direct Download:-  Link
 Mediafire Download:-  Link
 Google Drive Download:-  Link

Auto installer Download Link

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